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Ike Ivery Family


"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." ~ Desmond Tutu


Whipser a Prayer

Whisper a prayer in the morning

Whisper a prayer in the noon day

Whipser a prayer in the evening

Just to keep your heart in tune


Isaac Ike Ivery Family

This is where we are..........The crown on our heads have been paid for, so put it on and wear it well with much pride. These are your People. Your kin, "Ivery". Those have paved the way. Keep on keeping on family.

The family root begins with Isaac "Ike" Ivery who was born on February 14, 1855**. He was born a slave. Ike was a slave until the age of 9 when slavery was abolished. After becoming a man, he settled in Bullock County Midway, Alabama (Bullock County was founded in Dec 5th 1866) until his death in 1937. He is buried in the cemetery at Mt. Coney Baptist Church in Midway.

Ike Ivery married three times, his wives were Berta "Birda" Hatcher Ivery, Mary Henry Ivery, and Mary Haynes Ivery. From these unions 23 children were born.

Ike was a God fearing man and raised his children in a Christian household. He was a deacon at Mt. Coney Baptist Church in Midway Alabama. He also served as treasurer for many years. He believed that education was important and encouraged his children in what schooling was available to them even though he could not read. He often had his children read to him. Though he had no formal education he was knowledgeable in financial transactions. He was able to count all denominations of money and make change. In fact it was said you could not defraud him out of even 1 penny.


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