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In the heart of a tumultuous era, a story of resilience and determination emerges from the annals of history. Meet William and Arminta, whose journey began in the shadows of South Carolina born as slaves. Their path led them to the cotton fields of Alabama, where alongside their plantation owners, they played an instrumental role in the founding of Midway. A humble beginning, which would lay the foundation for generations to come.

From the toil of oppression, a flame of hope ignited. In the year 1855, on February 14th, a new chapter was written as Ike Ivery entered the world. The year 1870 marked Ike's passage into adulthood, a young man of 17 who cast his gaze toward the future, yearning to establish his own legacy.

At the crossroads of destiny, Ike's life intertwined with that of Mary Haynes. In the winter of 1875, on January 13th, their union was solemnized on the plantation of Mr. Finney, an event overseen by Andrew Harris. Their love would bloom for 12 years, yielding the gift of five children. Yet, the veil of mortality would claim Mary's life, leaving Ike a widower at the tender age of 35.

Undeterred by the trials that fate had woven, Ike's path intersected with that of Mary Henry, a woman of tenacity. In the early 1900s, against societal expectations, Ike ventured to win her heart. On the 2nd of January, 1889, their marriage was consecrated in the sanctuary of their church, an emblem of a love that would endure. A partnership that yielded ten children, carving a tale of perseverance and love.

As seasons passed, life's tapestry unfolded. Mary's departure left Ike's heart in solitude once again, but he pressed forward. Berta Hatcher, a beacon of light, entered his life. In the embrace of love, on the 23rd of December, 1897, they embarked on a new journey, etching their legacy upon the pages of history. Eleven children from their union, amidst the warmth of shared dreams and hopes.

Ike, a man of standing within his community, left indelible imprints. His deeds were etched in the land he acquired, a testament to his devotion. With other stalwarts, he acquired parcels of earth, solidifying his place within the tapestry of Bullock County.

In the year 1937, as spring's embrace painted the world anew, Ike's journey found its closure. A life enriched by resilience, unwavering commitment, and an unbreakable bond with his 23 children.

Among them, his legacy thrived. His sons, John and Abe, etched their stories in Georgia's soil, nurturing families, and etching their tales into Houston County's history. Their lives, a testament to the indomitable spirit of Ike Ivery.

Through the corridors of time, his descendants gather to unravel the enigma of their forefather. Conversations with those who knew him, like Ike's own 90-year-old grandson, breathe life into his essence, allowing the legacy to flourish. A call echoes through generations, encouraging the young to seize the wisdom of the elders, nurturing the flame of kinship and understanding.

In honoring Ike Ivery, we honor a lineage of strength, tenacity, and unity. A story that continues to reverberate through time, touching hearts and inspiring souls.

1860 - 1930

In these meticulously preserved census records, the life of Ike Ivery and the tapestry of his community come to life. Across the years, we uncover a mosaic of families, neighbors, and kin interwoven with the essence of Alabama, South Carolina, and even the distant echoes of Georgia.

As we venture beyond the confines of these records, the journey turns to oral history and historical documents. A wealth of narratives, awaiting contribution from family members, merges to form a collective legacy. Our gaze settles upon the hallowed grounds of Mt. Coney in Midway, where generations find rest. This enclave, once thriving, still echoes with the presence of our forebears, its spirit a testament to the past's vibrant vigor.

Amidst the chronicles, Merritt School emerges, an emblem of a time when education bloomed for the black children of our close-knit community. Founded around 1919, its halls resonate with the aspirations and dreams of those who once walked its corridors.

In the embrace of Georgia's landscape, Jerusalem Baptist Church stands as a sanctuary of heritage. Tharpe Cemetery, nestled in its embrace, cradles generations of our lineage, a silent testament to the enduring ties that bind.

Within these digital pages, our family's story thrives as a living testament. A tapestry woven by each generation's hand, it stands as a bridge across time. This journey, at times rife with questions, fuels our pursuit of the past. Like a dedicated archaeologist, we delve deeper, seeking the roots of our existence.

Dates and timelines, at times, may waver or entwine. In a world where even official records bear inaccuracies, we embrace the challenge of piecing together a mosaic that spans the ages. Guided by intuition and research into the very fabric of history, we shape the narrative of our lineage.

Relatives open their hearts and stories, granting us precious glimpses into days gone by. A web of connections, spanning continents, emerges through emails exchanged with genealogy enthusiasts and kin. The anticipation of a mailbox's contents carries with it echoes of time gone by, every document a puzzle piece in the intricate mosaic we craft.

In the realm of history, perfection remains elusive. Yet, within these lines, we strive to capture the essence of our family's journey. Imperfections, omissions, and misinterpretations are bound to wander in, but forgiveness we seek as we strive to tell a story that transcends generations.

With gratitude and hope, we embark on this unending voyage. It's a tribute to our heritage, a salute to the tireless dedication of those who came before. And as we pen these words, the legacy unfurls before us, an evolving tale of a family that continues to shape history's ever-unfolding narrative.

This where we are..........The crown on our heads have been paid for, so put it on and wear it well with much pride. These are your People. Your kin, “Ivery”. Those have paved the way.

Keep on keeping on family. Please keep checking back for new info or updates and email your pictures or stories to be posted.

Key Dates

Ike's birth

Ike was born on February 14, 1856

Ike's Marriages

Ike married Mary Haynes on 13 January, 1875.
Ike married Mary Henry on 1 January, 1888.
Ike married Berta Hatcher on 23 December, 1897.

Ike's Death

Ike died on April 22,  1937.

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