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Key Historical Documents


"All happy families resemble each other, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." ~ Leo Tolstoy Tutu


To subjugate another is to subjugate yourself.
- Elbert Hubbard



  1. 1870 Census of Ike Ivery with his siblings and parents, William and Minty
  2. 1870 John Haynes and Margaret, Ike’s 1st wife Mary's parents along with her siblings
  3. 1870 Census of Dock and Maria Henry along with children including Mary, Ike’s 2nd wife
  4. 1880 Census of Ike and Mary Ivery 1st wife and children
  5. 1900 Census of Dock Henry, 71 along with his daughter who was taking care of him
  6. 1910 Census of Eddie Ivery, daughter of Ike, along with her children and husband James E. Lewis of Bonaire, Georgia

Birth Certificates

No data at this time

Death Certificates

  1. 1937 Ike Ivery death certificate
  2. 1900 John Haynes with Antoinette Sellers, his second wife
  3. 1869 Antoinette Haynes record of Death. John Haynes 2nd wife. She was a Coleman, Sellers, then a Haynes, we also have her marriage record to Elias Sellers, he died then she married John Haynes, stepmother to Mary Haynes, they combined their families together
  4. 1937 Sim Sellers
  5. 1940 Death certificate of John Ivery
  6. 1944 William "Will" Ivery
  7. 1979 Death Certificate of Abe Ivery
  8. 1981 Emma Ivery

Marriage Licenses

  1. John Ivery and Gracie Hayes - Jan. 7, 1896
  2. Proffit Ivery and Estella Walker - July 9, 1904
  3. Abe Ivery and Addie Brown - Oct. 26, 1907


  1. Aaron Sellers voter registration. Time Magazine photo