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Ike Ivery Family


Whisper a Prayer in the morning, Whisper a prayer at noon, Whipser a prayer in the evening, Just to keep your heart in tune. -- Aaron Sellers


"For every difference that makes us unique there is a common root that binds us all"


Family Tree

Parents of Ike Ivery
Default Man
William Ivery Arminta Ivery

b: 1812

d: ?

b: 1834

d: ?

Children of William & Arminta Ivery
Rosanna Isaac "Ike" Isabelle Jacob John Abram Sarah Ann Margy
b: abt 1850 b: abt 1855* b: abt 1858 b: abt 1860 b: abt 1862 b: abt 1866 b: abt 1870 b: abt1876

Isaac "Ike" Ivery Mary Haynes Ivery
b:14 Feb 1855 d: 23 Apr 1937



m: 13 Jan 1875

Children of Ike & Mary Haynes Ivery
Bascom Ivery

John Ivery

Isaiah Ivery Profit "Prof" Ivery Eddie "Hon" Ivery Lewis Lelia Mae Ivery Sellers Obie "Son" Ivery Abe Ivery
b. abt 1876 b: 25 Feb 1877 d: Mar 15, 1940 b. 1878

b: abt 1881

d: abt 1940

b:1894 (1882) d: 22 June 1946 b: 20 Nov 1880

d: 01 Nov 1958

b: 1-Oct-1876 (1884)


b: 16 Feb 1887

d: 1 May 1979

Isaac "Ike" Ivery Mary Henry Ivery

b: 14 Feb 1855

d: 23 Apr 1937

b: abt 1859


m: 2 Jan 1889

The Children of Ike and Mary Henry Ivery
Charles Ivery William "Will" Ivery Mariah Ivery Annie Ivery Jones Dock Ivery Rose Ivery

b: abt Sep 1889

b: 1890 May 15

d: 1944 August 21

b: abt Nov 1893

b:Aug 1895

b:Aug 1895

d: 15 Apr 1994

b: ?


Ike Ivery
Isaac "Ike" Ivery Berta "Birda" Hatcher Ivery

b: 14 Feb 1855

d: 23 Apr 1937

b: abt 1876? Apr 1875

d: 2 Sep 1956

m: 23 Dec 1897

The Children of Ike and Birda Hatcher Ivery
Clara Ivery Simmons
Louvina Ivery Brunson
Caroline Ivery Nobles
Rosa Ivery Barnes
Rosa Ivery Barnes
Birda Ivery
Robert Ivery
Robert Ivery
b: abt 1894
b: June-1899

b: 2-Oct-1900

d: 28-Feb-1998

b: 30-Apr-1902 d: 2-Nov-1986

b:abt 1904


b: abt 1906


b: 21-Feb-1908

d: 27-Feb-1991

Ossie Mae Ivery Crosby
Bessie Ivery Goodloe
Ruby Lee Ivery Rogers
Lillie Bell Ivery Penn
Ora Lee Ivery Sankey
Cora Ivery
Walter Ivery
b: 01 Apr 1911

d:31 Aug 2004

b: abt 1912


b: ??


b: 15-May-1914


b: 11-Jan-1917

d: Jan 1985

b: abt 1917
b: 8 Aug 1919

d:21 Nov 2000

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* Based on official Death Certificate

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